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Frequently Asked Questions:

How good are the replica handbags sold at Queen Supreme Fashion? 

The handbags we proudly sell at Queen Supreme Fashion are replicated authentic designer bags. This means that they aren't bags purchased from a luxury boutique but are in fact exceptional high replica versions of designer handbags.  The bags we sell are exact replicas.  They aren't authentic designer bags and we don't want to mislead anyone by pretending that our designer handbags are authentic, however we are quite happy that all your friends, family and colleague will think the bag you are carrying is authentic! There is absolutely no reason they would be able to tell that it isn't as we use the same materials

The totality of our replica bags are modeled on real, authentic store bought designer bags and this ensures that when we replicate them we can bring you nearly exact replicas or "fake bags" of the latest luxury designer handbags. 

The quality we offer is exceptional. We find the best craftsmen to carry out the detailed work, which ensures our products are the best on the market. 

We don't want to sell cheap knockoffs, we are proud of our reputation to detail and high quality items. For example if you purchase a replica bag such as the Louis Vuitton Speedy, we also provide LV dust bag, LV model and serial numbers, and LV hardware (Box can also be included upon request. It's so true to the original no-one will be able to spot the difference.

What if the Replica purse I purchased isn't up to the standard I imagined? 

All our replica handbags are considered to be high replica bags also known as mirror image replica bags as we’re using the very same kind of leather, hardware, and material used by authentic designer handbags In fact all of our brands are premium replica handbags including Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Fendi and many more. We do offer a seven (7) day return policy starting the day you have receive your purchase.

Can you provide some replica bags that you are not listing? 

Absolutely, we can basically provide almost any replica designer handbags such Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada or other luxury designer purses you’d love to have. just email us the model you are looking for and we will source it right away. It may be the case that we had it in stock and that it has sold out, or perhaps it will be a new bag that we are looking at adding to our line. As with all our replica bags we always want to offer the best quality for our customers, so sometimes that means we can't make it because we don't have the correct leather or others materials in stock. We will wait until we can provide the replica bag as closely matched to the original designer bag before allowing it to be stocked on our website. We do pride ourselves on having a large selection always available and we welcome comments and feedback from our customers, so if there is a bag that you really would like to see available on our website, let us know which one it is using this form and we'll see if we can source it especially for you.